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3D Series Tiles
For the room, 3D series tiles are hardened ceramic with a three-dimensional picture imprinted on them. These 3D Series Tiles are made using some technique, which gives them an actual look. You will like being able to practically touch the genuine design or image; 3D is really realistic.

Carvin Matt Tiles
To obtain a non-shiny and subtle effect, Carvin matt tiles apply a specific layer to the uppermost layer. The anti-slippery nature of these tiles makes them perfect flooring solutions for all places, especially those with a lot of water use, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies.

Decorative Tiles
Decorative tiles are popular in today's kitchens, baths, and home bars, among other places. Today's ornamental tiles include vibrant colours and intriguing designs, and people all around the world are buying them to show their individuality. They are a unique technique to turn everyday surfaces into the focal point of a space.

Elevation Outdoor Tiles
Elevation tiles have become increasingly popular in current times. This is due to the fact that these tiles are contemporary and natural-looking, and they are quickly becoming a popular choice among discriminating homeowners. These tiles were produced with the rising need for opulence and elegance in mind.

Floor Tiles
Tile gives people a rough idea of what sorts of tiles are available, how they feel and appear, and how they might be used. Floor tiles can be found on the floor, the walls, or both in most bathrooms. Many varieties of floor tiles are noted for their incredible strength.

Gloss Series Tiles
Gloss series tiles are the gleaming, light-reflective tiles you would find in a smaller bathroom. These tiles' reflections open up tiny areas and enable a modest amount of light to bounce about the room. These tiles are better for walls, especially in-home spas that hold a lot of moisture.

Glossy Pgvt Tiles
PGVT is the abbreviation for Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles. Because PGVT tiles have a high reflecting index and a glossy texture, they reflect light well. These tiles are most commonly utilized in moderate-traffic residential and commercial applications. 

Glossy Wall Tiles
Glossy wall tiles feature a smooth, sophisticated surface that emits light and enhances a space. Because of this lighting trap, they are suitable for use as wall tiles in tiny spaces. These wall tiles may be cleaned once a week and have a glossy finish.

Matt Finish Tiles
Matt finish tiles have a unique coating applied to the top to provide a subtle, non-shiny appearance. Matt finish tiles are suitable for all places since they are anti-slip and may be utilised in high-moisture areas such as the balcony, kitchen, and bathroom.

Pillar Cock
Because of its practicality and elegance, pillar cock is sure to become the centre of attention in your house. It is the ideal device for a trouble-free water supply in your bathroom since it ensures a smooth and constant stream of water flow with no splashing.

Plastic Chair
Plastic armchairs are considerably less costly. These chairs are usually constructed to scale and have a reduced cost of manufacture. You might pick high quality plastic chairs if you decide to renovate your complete home. These have a lengthy life expectancy.

Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain tiles are quite durable. They have a high proclivity for withstanding regular and heavy use for the course of the tile's entire life cycle, providing them an advantage over other tiles. Because they contain fewer air gaps and are composed of denser material, these tiles are tougher and thicker overall.

Step Tiles
Vitrified Parking Tiles
Vitrified Tiles
EWC Water Closet
Steel Sink
Wash Basin

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